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    Access Services of Northern Illinois



    Child and Family Connections

    The sooner we start, the further they’ll go!

    Child and Family Connections recognizes and respects the
    uniqueness of every child and family, assisting them in the
    development and delivery of early intervention services for
    children ages birth to three years.



    Individual Service Coordination

    It’s about Quality of Life!

    Access Services of Northern Illinois assists individuals with
    developmental disabilities, and their families, in accessing their community and its resources, and is the point of entry to access state or federally funded services


    Our Mission

    To empower and assist individuals with developmental disabilities to participate as full citizens in their community by coordinating
    and advocating for community services and supports of their choice.

    Our Vision

    People will have access to their community and all that it offers,
    including but not limited to meaningful employment, affordable
    housing of their choice, meaningful relationships, recreation and
    leisure activities, ongoing educational opportunities, and spirituality.

    People will experience success in their community.

    People will have control over the supports or services provided to
    them and will determine how resources are expended (within
    reasonable and legal parameters) on their behalf

    Our Core Values

    • We promote and respect individual choice.
    • We believe that people should determine what supports and services they should receive.
    • We abide by a strong code of ethics that directs our work.
    • We operate with a sense of urgency and focus in the achievement of our vision.
    • We will advocate for people of all ages to have meaningful lives in their community.
    • We believe in the strength of individuals and families and recognize that at times they need to be supported.
    • We will treat people with dignity and respect.
    • We will support our co-workers.

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