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    Abilities Center

    Education, training, and employment for the residents of Illinois with an emphasis on people with disabilities, economically disadvantaged, and housing development residents. Services include assessment/evaluation, computer training, a variety of skills training programs, and employment services.

    ALDA-Association of Late-Deafened Adults

    Online groups, Outreach and advocacy, Presentations, Publications, Social Activities. ALDA-ROCK is continuously trying to promote deaf awareness and to provide support to surrounding areas. Open to people of all ages no matter the degree of hearing loss. Provide fellowship and support.

    Alzheimers Association Rock River Branch

    Support offered to patients with Alzheimer’s, their families and caregivers which includes support groups, 24 hour Helpline, referral to community service, and access to up-to-date information on therapy, research, and ultimately a cure.

    American Heart Association Regional Office

    Provides community awareness programs that educate the public about making heart-healthy lifestyle choices and the symptoms of heart disease and stroke as well as ongoing opportunities for professionals to keep abreast of current trends in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Also provides referrals to social services, research information, and educational and printed material

    Barbara Olson Center of Hope

    Vocational Development Program, Educational training on computer training, sexuality, personal safety, assistive technology, integrated community living and independent living, sensory integration, sheltered workshops and work training.

    Blackhawk Learning Connection

    For children ages 6 weeks to 10 whose parents are employed or participating in an approved educational/training program

    Booker Washington Community Center

    Multi-service community center offering educational, recreational, social and cultural programs. Includes Senior Activity Center, computer training, organized sports, youth theatre, summer day camp and Operation Homework.

    Boone County Historical Society

    Gives people the opportunity to preserve Boone County History and educate people about Boone County.

    Boone County Home and Community Education Assn

    Offers a wide variety of educational and informational programs to adults and youth. Also promotes the well-being of individuals and families.