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    Child and Family Connections

    Early Intervention Services

    The early intervention services system provides developmental screenings and evaluations to children under 3 years of age.  Children who may be eligible for early intervention services have one or more of the following conditions: physical, intellectual, emotional or speech delays, or diagnosed disabilities.

    Services Include…

    • Information and Referral
    • Assessment/Eligibility Determination
    • Completion of the Individual and Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)
    • Support/Service Linkage
    • Authorization for service funding through the Illinois Department of Human Services
    • Advocacy
    • Family Support
    • Parent to Parent linkage and support
    • Early Intervention is for families with infants or toddlers ages birth to three who have concerns on how their child is developing.

    Contact Child and Family Connections…

    • If you have concerns about how your child is developing.
    • If your child had a developmental screen, by your pediatrician or another agency, that is showing a suspected delay in their development (doctors, health departments, school districts and private agencies can conduct developmental screenings).
    • If your child has a diagnosed condition that may cause delays in their development.
    • Child & Family Connections will assist your family through evaluations and assessments to determine eligibility and services in the early intervention system that will meet your individual needs.

    Early Intervention Professionals

    Service Coordinators assure evaluations, assessments and Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP) are completed to meet the family’s needs.  They inform you of your rights under the Illinois Early Intervention System and link you to the services you choose to meet your child’s and family’s needs.

    Parent Liaison links families with common concerns and experiences, offers additional supports and assures that services provided are family-centered.  The Parent Liaison is a parent who has been through early intervention and can offer assistance on an informal and personal basis.  Parent input is welcomed and encouraged.

    Local Interagency Council is a group of parents and providers who plan, implement and evaluate the early intervention service system.   The Council is one way for parents to have input into the services that are available for families ages birth-five years.