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  • What is Early Intervention?

    The Early Intervention program in Illinois is a collection of services for infants and toddlers and their families who have delays in development or who are at risk of developmental delays.

    The Early Intervention program supports and teaches families how to play with their children in ways that will help them learn essential skills.

    Families are the key to successful early intervention. Families and service providers must work together as a team on behalf of children.

    Parenting a child can be a challenge. There is a fine balance between hopes and dreams and ups and downs. During the first years of your child’s life, Early Intervention can make a big difference. Beginning early to enhance your child’s development has benefits for you, your child, your family and your community.
    Early Intervention may:

    • Help answer your questions about your child’s development.
    • Improve both developmental and educational growth.
    • Help children with developmental delays become more independent.
    • Help give your child the best possible start in life, preventing or lessening the need for more intervention in the future and reduce cost.
    • Help communities become aware of the gifts and abilities of all their children.